A 3-part ‘Special’ of Sky One’s hit British drama, ‘Bulletproof’. Following two hugely successful ‘action packed’ series, Series 1 of which is available now in the US and South Africa, London’s finest, Bishop and Pike, are finally ready to take a ‘holiday’ in this event ‘Special’.

After a tough year, Pike and the family, including Bishop of course, are on a much needed holi- day in Cape Town. However, they are soon caught up in serious crime… the kidnap of a young child.

When William, the young girls father is told… “Go home, act normal and wait for further instructions”, things look bleak.

However, the kidnappers hadn’t figured Pike and Bishop would be on the scene.

Back at their suburban home, the kidnappers call. They are holding the girl in a safe place until William, an employee of a large diamond firm, steals 25million pounds worth of diamonds from his own employer – when the kidnappers get their money, they will will drop the girl off safely. If the heist goes wrong, the girl dies. Gulp!

With a ticking clock and no assurances that the girl will come home alive, even if the diamonds are handed over… Bishop and Pike set out to find the girl before it’s too late. However, it won’t be easy! London’s finest are out of their jurisdiction…. No guns… no badges.

After kicking a few doors and several faces in, our heroes draw a blank – and it soon becomes clear that the heist will have to take place.

However, things go terribly wrong on the heist, and Bishop and Pike are left empty handed and on the hook for a major robbery.

With both the missing child, and 25million pounds worth of diamonds, in the wind… Bishop and Pike find themselves as their lowest ebb. Blamed for the heist, Bishop and Pike are detained in Cape Town’s toughest prison, where they are forced to fight for their lives… until…

Tanner, their fearless boss from back home, manages to extricate them and get them back on the case. Working side by side with Dewald, a skilled detective, our hero’s will dive headlong into the murky criminal underworld of Cape Town… where they will encounter gang war, abuse, love, loss and dark family secrets.

Their tense, action packed journey will take them from the lavish world of Cape Town’s ‘elite’, through the poverty stricken townships via the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and countryside… yet danger is always just around the next corner, and Bishop and Pike will learn that not everyone with a badge can be trusted.

As ever… Bishop and Pike are willing to do whatever it takes. Strap in!

All episodes available on Sky One


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