Britannia begins in 43 AD, when the Romans invaded Britain. Julius Caesar had failed to conquer Britain 90 years previously.

General Aulus Plautius and his second-in-command, Lucius, are determined to succeed where Julius Caesar failed, by any means necessary. An experienced warrior, Aulus establishes a fortified camp, gathers information from captives, even children, and learns that the Druids are the driving force behind the many tribes he faces. He determines that “you don’t conquer the people, you must conquer their gods.” He meets with the Druids and undertakes a vision quest. Soon, he is talking aloud to Lokka, the Celtic god of mischief.

Young Cait of the Cantii tribe is about to take part in a ceremony to mark her becoming an adult woman when the Romans attack and largely destroy her tribe. She is forced to flee and wanders the forest, where she encounters and attaches herself to an unlikely protector, Divis “The Outcast”.

Divis is a Druid with some mystical powers—divination, hypnosis and visisons—but seems mad and has been driven into exile by Veran, leader of the Druids in Britannia. Divis roams the countryside seeking clues to the meaning of his apocalyptic visions, and believes he is on some kind of mysterious “mission”.

Kerra, a princess as daughter of the Cantii King Pellenor, frets for her people’s safety. The Cantii are in a perpetual feud with the Regni, a powerful and large tribe. The Cantii’s only protection is an impregnable natural fortress formed from granite, yet King Pellenor makes no preparations to resist the Romans, other than relying on vague hints from the Druids to set policy.

The Britons resistance of Rome’s forces has been tied to a Druid prophecy that a chosen one will arrive to save the tribes and see off the Roman Devil for good. The ‘chosen one’ is revealed to be Cait, whom we follow as she battles enemies, gains allies and faces hard tests on her path to seek her true purpose in life and a greater understanding of the task ahead of her – defeating the Romans and bringing peace to Britannia once more…


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“**** The Roman romp so radical it must be revered”

The Guardian

“**** Life in ancient Britain just got even madder”

The Times

“If you can take the pace of this multi-genre tale, it may just fill the Thrones-shaped void in your lives”

Sunday People

“It’s refreshing to be reminded that, even in the cut-throat, multi-billion-pound world of modern TV, a major drama can still be as bonkers as Britannia.”

Radio Times

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