Paramount+ Greenlights UK Thriller Series Set In World Where Men Live Under Strict Nightly Curfew



Paramount+ may have culled a wealth of international originals in the past couple of weeks but that hasn’t stopped it committing to a UK thriller series set in a world where men live under a strict nightly curfew.

Starring Sarah ParishDoctor Who’s Mandip Gill, Mitchell Robertson and singer Alexandra BurkeCurfew is set in a society where all men live under ‘The Women’s Safety Act’, meaning they are bound by a strict curfew from 7PM to 7AM every night, with their movements tracked by an ankle tag 24 hours a day. When a woman’s body is discovered, brutally murdered during curfew hours and left on the steps of the Women’s Safety Centre, veteran Police officer Pamela Green believes that a man is responsible. But in a world where men are bound by the curfew system, her theory is rejected.

Parish (Stay Close) plays lead investigator Pamela, whilst Robertson (Mayflies) is rookie cop Eddie, who is shadowing Pamela during the investigation. Gill joins the cast as Sarah, an employee at the local tagging centre at the heart of Pamela and Eddie’s investigation. Burke (Sister Act) is Helen, a well intentioned local school teacher and advocator for the curfew.

Producer Nathalie Peter-Contesse called Curfew a “provocative and thrilling show that aims to contribute to the important conversation around violence against women.”

The series is being produced by Federation-owned Vertigo Films in the UK in association with Evolutionary Films, with Federation Studios distributing.

The move comes just a fortnight after Deadline revealed Paramount had culled a wealth of international originals including The Burning Girls, The Killing Kind and The Serial Killer’s Wife as CEO Bob Bakish pivots focus to Hollywood franchises.

Joasia Goldyn (Britannia) is director on Curfew, whilst Lydia Yeoman (The Haze) is lead writer. Joining Yeoman in the writing team is Jess Green (EastEnders), who will write episode three and Sumerah Srivastav (Manifest), who will write episode five. Allan Niblo, Jane Moore and Nathalie Peter-Contesse are EPs on the series for Vertigo Films, and John Adams (Damaged) joins the team as producer.