Lots more Bulletproof coming in 2020!


We’ve got three exciting pieces of Bulletproof news for you..

1 – The first look images have landed from Series 2!

Bulletproof Series 2 sees Bishop and Pike going undercover to infiltrate an international crime empire. Their chase for justice will take them from the streets of London to Amsterdam and Cyprus, where they will have to risk everything, including their police badges, to succeed.

Bulletproof Series Two will launch on Sky One and NOW TV in Spring 2020.

2 – A Bulletproof interactive game is coming!

Sky have partnered with Charisma.ai to launch an immersive and gripping Bulletproof Interrogation Game. The player will become an active participant in a crime story, taking direction from our favourite cop duo. A suspected serial killer has been arrested and will only talk to you. They have lined up three potential victims and what you say will affect who is spared and who is not. It’s a race against time to get the information Bishop and Pike need from the suspect. Act fast, and you’ll be able to save each of the victims, but who is really interrogating who…?

The game will launch on Sky.com at the beginning of 2020.

3 – More Bulletproof coming in 2020!

In addition to the second series, Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters have announced that Vertigo Films is producing a three part special, coming to Sky One and NOW TV in Autumn 2020.

The Bulletproof special will see Bishop and Pike travelling across the world to sunnier climes in South Africa, where we will see more action, more car chases and a thrilling journey into the underworld of Cape Town.