First look at French-Language ‘THE SWEENEY’ sequel: ‘ANTIGANG : LA RELÈVE’


Empreinte Digitale's ANTIGANG : LA RELÈVE

Disney+ reveal a first look at their new film, ANTIGANG : LA RELÈVE, a sequel to the French-Language remake of Vertigo Films’ Ray Winstone feature film The Sweeney; Antigang, produced by Empreinte Digitale.

Filming is underway on the action film, reuinting stars Alban Lenoir (Antigang, Lost Bullet), Jean Reno (Léon, Le Grand bleu, Mission : Impossible) and Sofia Essaïdi (Call My Agent) and director Benjamin Rocher (Antigang, Parallels).

Alban Lenoir in ANTIGANG : LA RELÈVE

Seven years after the release of the first film, Antigang : La Relève is set for release on Disney+ in 2023.