Bulletproof: a sustainable production



The upcoming series of Bulletproof is set in Cape Town, South Africa with production wrapping just before the COVID 19 lockdown started in March. Due to the very nature of our production, it was necessary to transport members of cast and crew to South Africa.

Vertigo Films takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously. To ensure that Bulletproof becomes a carbon-neutral production, we are partnering with the South African non-profit organisation Greenpop as well as other sustainability schemes that Sky work with.


Greenpop work to restore ecosystems damaged by expanding urbanisation. They encourage urban greening and sustainable development, as well as biodiverse reforestation projects which have seen them plant over 115,000 trees since 2010.

We’re taking part in two of Greenpop’s programmes:

Fynbos for the Future – an urban greening programme within schools in the Cape Flats

Forests for Life – a tree planting programme in reforestation sites around southern Africa.

We’re partnering with the Vulamasango Child & Youth Care Centre located in Phillipi, near to where we shot scenes for Bulletproof, with members of our South African cast and crew taking part in the planting days. We’re delighted to be working with Greenpop to minimise the impact of Bulletproof on the environment.