Britannia Rules the Waves


Sky Atlantic drama launched with 558k

Once, as a poverty-blighted student, I visited a Britannia Building Society that looked more Dark Agey than the characters in Sky Atlantic’s latest yarn, which didn’t exactly rule the waves but did tack ahead of recent Atlantic big-spenders.

Sky Atlantic’s Britannia launched on Wednesday at 2am with 292,000/19% (including viewers watching via catch-up during the day). Some 4,000/0.4% hardy souls tuned in as it went out. The 9pm transmission drew 248,000/1.3%, with another 18,000/0.4% for the 11.40pm repeat.

Last summer’s Rivieria launched on 15 June in the same pattern with 277,000/22% at 3am, 205,000/1.1% at 9pm and 13,000/0.2% at 11.10pm. Autumn’s Tin Star began on 7 September with 213,000/13% at 2am, 189,000/1% at 9pm and 21,000/0.3% at 11.10pm.

Britannia totalled 558,000, compared with Fortitude’s 490,000 and Tin Star’s 423,000. It’s all about catch-up now.

Originally published in Broadcast Now: