DEADLINE International Disruptors: Vertigo Films Talk Journey From Film To TV (And Back Again), Joining Federation Studios & Why European Relationships Are Key

Article originally appeared in Deadline By Diana Lodderhose Welcome to Deadline’s International Disruptors, a feature where we shine a spotlight on key executives and companies outside of the U.S. shaking up the offshore marketplace. This week, we’re talking to UK indie veteran Vertigo Films, producer of hit TV shows Britannia, Bulletproof and James Corden and Sally Hawkins starrer Mammals and feature […]

RTS Interview: Head of Development for Vertigo Films, Nathalie Peter-Contesse

Nathalie Peter-Contesse started her career in development with a bang in LA, working on the successful action movie 300. Now based in London, at Vertigo Films, she continues to develop high-octane drama for TV and film. What does your job involve? Development starts with finding an idea and generally finishes when the drama goes into […]

First look at French-Language ‘THE SWEENEY’ sequel: ‘ANTIGANG : LA RELÈVE’

Empreinte Digitale's ANTIGANG : LA RELÈVE

Disney+ reveal a first look at their new film, ANTIGANG : LA RELÈVE, a sequel to the French-Language remake of Vertigo Films’ Ray Winstone feature film The Sweeney; Antigang, produced by Empreinte Digitale. Filming is underway on the action film, reuinting stars Alban Lenoir (Antigang, Lost Bullet), Jean Reno (Léon, Le Grand bleu, Mission : Impossible) and Sofia Essaïdi […]

Sky Unwraps This Is Christmas

Starring BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall, Alfred Enoch, Kaya Scodelario and BAFTA winner Joanna Scanlan Now available only on Sky Cinema and NOW TV in UK and EPIX in the US. An uplifting and heartwarming story about finding the magic of Christmas, no matter where you might be, This Is Christmas follows Adam (Alfred Enoch) and Emma […]